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Privacy clause

Yutian medical attaches great importance to your personal privacy protection. Sometimes we need some information to provide you with the information you requested

Services. This Privacy Policy explains the data collection and use in these cases.

This policy is applicable to all related services of Yutian medical. With the expansion of Yutian medical service scope, the privacy policy of Yutian Medical Co., Ltd

It can be updated at any time by Yutian medical without further notice. The updated privacy policy will be effective once it is published on the website

Replace the original privacy policy.

What information do we collect

Usually, you can visit Yutian medical and get information anonymously. When we need information that can identify you or can contact you, we will ask for your consent.

Usually, when you register with Yutian medical or apply for new functions, we may collect such information:

Name, e-mail address, address and phone number, and ask for your confirmation.

About your personal information

Yutian medical strictly protects the security of your personal information.

We use a variety of security technologies and procedures to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure.

Yutian medical will disclose your personal information as required by law or in compliance with the relevant service terms and software license agreement of Yutian medical, or have sufficient reasons to believe that it is necessary to do so in order to:

(a) Meet the express provisions of laws or administrative regulations, or comply with the applicable legal procedures of Yutian medical station;

(b) Comply with Yutian medical service terms and software license agreement;

(c) Protect the rights or property of Yutian medical treatment;

(d) In case of emergency, protect the personal safety of Yutian medical staff, users of Yutian medical products or services or the public;

Yutian medical will not share this information with a third party without your permission, except for the circumstances listed in this policy.

Use of cookies

Using cookies can help you personalize your online experience. You can accept or reject cookies. Most web browsers will automatically accept cookies. However, you can usually modify the settings of your browser to reject cookies according to your own needs.

Yutian medical sometimes uses cookies to know which websites are popular, so that you can get better service when visiting Yutian medical. Cookies do not track personal information.

When you register with Yutian medical, Yutian medical will also use cookie. In this case, Yutian medical will collect and store useful information. When you visit Yutian medical again, we can identify you. Cookies from Yutian medical can only be read by Yutian medical.

If your browser is set to reject cookies, you will still be able to access most of Yutian's web pages.

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